Quick Governmental Approvals for Affordable Housing

In less than 3 Collier County board meetings, Majestic Place (formerly Regal II) was approved. They did this by educating value and importance of a Habitat for Humanity community to nearby communities using 3D renderings.

Aerials, distance measurements and 3D renderings helped nearby communities understand that the Majestic Place community had little or no visual impact.

3DAS Developed

  • Aerial 3D Renderings with Distance Measurements
  • Community 3D Rendering
  • 3D Home Renderings with Color Selections
  • UI / UX of Majestic Place web site
  • Iterative Design Consultations
    • Redevelop Site Plan & Vegetation
    • Drone Photography
    • Incorporating Designs in Presentations
Street View 3D rendering of Majestic Place Residential Neighborhood in East Naples, Florida

The Impact

As the development of the community evolves, Habitat for Humanity created a PDF presentation for Majestic Place along with a web site for follow-up inquiries, both of which developed out of consultations with 3DAS.

In addition to answering nearby community questions, the Majestic Place 3D renderings benefited Habitat for Humanity by:

  • Improving branding and marketing – In the past projects, Habitat communities found it difficult to convey the scope of the homes and communities they have built.  3D renderings allowed Habitat for Humanity to deliver a higher fidelity of the entire project, thus removing lingering issues from nearby communities.
  • Improving communication – As Mara Foley, director of Habitat for Humanity states “Through the process of creating the renderings we’ve had to make some decisions sooner than we typically would (i.e. landscaping). It proved to be difficult, but helpful in the long run to have this level of detail ironed out at this stage.”  3D visualizations give viewers the ability to easily understand the most complex projects without having to know how to read architectural drawings.
  • Identifying design flaws and poor color schemes – 3D visualizations enabled key decision makers to see design flaws before anything is built and money is wasted.

Quick Governmental Approval – Habitat’s Majestic Place became one of the quickest turnaround times in governmental approval history.

The Neighborhood

  • 109 single-family homes
  • Homes in center feature rear alley-loaded parking
  • Ample green space
  • Designated visitor parking
  • Recreational area with playground
  • Premium landscaping
  • HOA maintained landscaping

The Homes

  • Habitat Collier’s two-story home design
  • Three and four-bed, two bath floorplans
  • Florida Vernacular architectural style
  • Variety of exterior finishes and color schemes
  • Affordable, no-interest mortgages
  • Front porch home design

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