A Multi-Million Dollar Roof Decision

Making the wrong roof decision can cost millions and months of delays for communities. What more can you do than showing roof samples? Enter the Interactive Roof Visualizer.

Interactive Roof Visualizer

3DAS developed a web-based interactive roof selector with real-time commenting. Each roof tile is custom made in 3D to the manufacturer specification and laid on top of the client’s photos. Three viewing angles along with four types of multi-family exterior roof renovations were created.

San Merano roof remodel with 3D rendering photo montage - option 1

3DAS Developed

  • Created individual 3D roof tiles from manufacturer specifications
  • Overlaid 12 rendered roofs over 12 multi-family photos
  • Included images into our proprietary web-based interactive roof selector
  • Custom animations and post-production
  • Consultations between the the client, design firms, and roof builder


San Merano community roof remodel with 3D rendering photo montage - option 4

Typically samples are given to the client prior to approving the roof tiles. Looking at the roof samples alone, a decision maker could perceive value versus seeing it fully on their community roofs. Below were the client’s suggested roof tiles, their colors and general costs compared to the other options.

  • Option 1: Crown, Windsor Slate (2nd Story) + Pac-Clad, Snap-Clad (1st Story)
    • Colors: 4591 Dark Gray Range (2nd Story) + Burnished Slate (1st Story)
  • Option 2: Crown, Windsor Slate. Color: 4503 Sierra Madre
  • Option 3: Owens Corning, Duration Shingles (2nd Story) + Pac-Clad, Snap-Clad (1st Story)
    • Colors: 4591 Estate Gray (2nd Story) + Burnished Slate (1st Story)
    • Lowest cost of the four price options.
  • Option 4: Daltile. Color: Mystic Timber PR41
    • Highest cost of the four price options.

Based on the final meetings with the roof builders, interior designers and organizers, it was decided for us to create an interactive roof presentation with only option #3. All four presentation options were revealed during the second meeting.


After the second meeting commenced it was decided to continue without changing the roof style. While option #3 would have saved the community millions of dollars compared to the other options, the decision makers felt it was best to keep the roof style the same as it was.

What was the benefit of the interactive roof visualizer? The presentations confirmed what they had visually worked better than the latest roof styles available. All of this was done without removing a single roof tile and without the need of sending physical samples to each decision maker.