Exterior Architectural Solutions

Since 2006, we have developed solutions for architects that have saved them time, money and communicated new breakthroughs with their clients. Below are some of our most popular exterior design solutions.

Brookland Building 1 Daytime Exterior Residential 3D Rendering. Project located at 1110 Trade Street, West Columbia, SC 29169

Exterior 3D Renderings + Animations

Whether it is for commercial or residential, our 3D renderings are always delivered on-time and intricately detailed to your specifications. Some of our most popular type of exterior 3D renderings include:

Aerial 3D Renderings

Aerial 3D renderings can solve numerous issues throughout your project from start to finish. Our clients have saved time and money with governmental approvals, subcontractors, and calculating project materials (ex. type / number of trees).

Kalea Bay 3D Rendering of Two Towers and Vegetation Overlay Drone Aerial Photo

Exterior color selection system after for 3D architectural renderings

Exterior Color Selector

Why settle for one version of your exterior 3D renderings? Our color selection system allows you to have unlimited choices to choose from. With one click of the button, you can change walls, windows, doors and just about anything that helps you decide on the right color schemes.

Watch the video to see an example of what we did for a large strip mall.

Exterior 3D Walkthroughs

Clients having trouble visualizing your building with CAD drawings? Using game engine technology, 3DAS can help you create an exterior 3D structural walkthrough at a fraction of the cost of using traditional AR / VR setups.

3DAS architectural walkthroughs include:

  • walk anywhere around the structural exterior
  • take unlimited renderings / snapshots
  • adjust the camera field of view (FOV) and zoom in on parts of your building

Watch the video to learn more from a previous residential client.

structural walkthrough 3d architectural visualization exterior residence