Do You Need High-End 3D Renderings for Your Custom Home?

Depending on the housing market, you may not need any marketing at all. However, one of the most requested services we receive are custom home renderings. Clients have a difficult time understanding CAD drawings and cannot sell their homes using cheap 3D renderings. Read below to see what types of 3D renderings sell custom homes.

Interactive Floor Plans: Why Use Them?

You know that 3D plans are great for giving a bird’s eye view of the space, but they don’t show the finer details that make a difference. On the other hand, 3D renderings of specific spaces can highlight those details, but they don’t show how the space fits together. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have both without breaking the bank?

That’s what the 3DAS interactive floor plan can do for you. It lets you choose which spaces and renderings you want to showcase to your clients. It also saves you time and money compared to traditional virtual tours, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. And the best part is that anyone can access this plan on almost any computer at any time.

Below is an interactive lake house 3D floor plan. You can try it yourself below or view it full screen.


Our goal for the lake house was to deliver photorealistic renderings and putting it into a presentation anyone could see anywhere in the world since the buyer needs to pay luxury pricing. Once done, these renderings removed any miscommunication on what the final spaces would look like.

ORIGINAL SCOPE: Create 3D visuals for every room, animate them, or turn them into a virtual tour, all within the client’s budget.

3DAS SOLUTION: Create 3D renderings for the most important spaces and 3D floor plans for the rest of the spaces.  The 3D floor plan was delivered in an interactive way, so the client’s buyer could see how everything fit together. 3D floor plans do not require the amount of detail than individual room renderings and fit the client’s budget.

OUTCOME: The property was pending sale within two weeks of completing the renderings.

How can we collaborate with you on your custom home renderings?