What is an Interactive 3D Floor Plan?

A 3D floor plan is a virtual model of a building floor plan from a top-down or 3/4 perspective view. To make the floor plan interactive, it requires a user’s engagement or input. These technologies help explain the digital floor plan better to most audiences than traditional 2D architectural plans.

Below is an interactive penthouse 3D floor plan. You can try it yourself below or view it full screen.

How do you create an interactive 3d floor plan?

  • We convert your architectural floor plan into 3D.
  • We add in your suggested furniture, accessories, appliances, etc. and add it to the 3D floor plan.
  • Once the renderings and floor plan are complete, we put it together in our presentation system.
  • All of the programs we use are used by the top studios: Autodesk, Adobe, and Chaos Group.
  • Want to see more? View more 3D floor plans, our multi-level interactive floor plan, and feel free to contact us.


Renovations can be messy. Miscommunication, supply chain issues, FFE procurement…and the list goes on. Our goal for this penthouse renovation was to deliver photorealistic renderings. Once done, these renderings removed any miscommunication on what the final spaces would look like after the renovation. If there were issues, the renovation team had to fix it.

THE PROBLEM: Creating every room in 3D would take too long and would not fit the client’s budget.

THE SOLUTION: Create a 3D renderings for the most important spaces. Then create a 3D floor plan for the rest of the spaces and deliver in an interactive way so the client could understand how all of it fit together. 3D floor plans do not require the amount of detail than individual room renderings cost.

Below are 6 of the 13 architectural renderings we developed. For the best experience, we suggest trying the interactive 3D floor plan.