Kalea Bay: 3D Rendering Case Study

The Task:

Create a signature visual for an opulent lifestyle before construction starts.

The Solution:

Lifestyle Branding. Instead of focusing on the structure like the other competitors, 3DAS focused more on what it would feel like to be on the rooftop during sunset overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

(Lowres) Kalea Bay Rooftop Sunset 3D Rendering (Naples, Florida)

The Outcome:

According to Florida Weekly: “To date, we’ve closed approximately 100 of the tower’s 120 residences.” Each residence starts at $1.4 million in 2018. In 2022, appreciation of residential units range from $2.4 million – $4.5 million.

Kalea Bay 3D Rendering Gallery

View side-by-side comparisons of the 3D renderings and what the as-built final product looks like. Click on any rendering below to see at a larger size.

Kalea Bay Rooftop View from Tower 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

Rooftop Tower 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

Bistro 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right) in Kalea Bay, Naples, Florida

As-Built Bistro 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

As-Built Bar Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right) - Kalea Bay in Naples, Florida

As-Built Bar 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

Kalea Bay Aerial Clubhouse 3D Rendering (Left) and Sunset Photo (Right)

As-Built Clubhouse Aerial 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

Kalea Bay Dining Room 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

As-Built Dining 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

Kalea Bay 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

As-Built Fitness 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

More Information About Kalea Bay & 3DAS

Upon completion, the luxury waterfront community Kalea Bay will be home to 582 residences within five towers that grace over 480 acres of land.   Located west of U.S. 41 in North Naples, Kalea Bay coastal waterfront towers boasts unobstructed views of Wiggins Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. From sunrises in the morning to sunsets in the evening, the views here will take your breath away and leave you wanting more.

After finishing the iconic sunset rooftop pool 3D rendering, 3DAS was commissioned to create more 3D architectural visualizations of the tower exteriors and clubhouse including the fitness, dining, bistro, and other 3D renderings and animations.  We are proud to see Kalea Bay’s accomplishments and hard work come into fruition and look forward to updating future Soave Real Estate and Wilson & Associates RE’s visionary projects.

Kalea Bay Commercial.  3D Animation by 3DAS.

Kalea Bay Amenity Center

  • 25,000 Square Foot Clubhouse
  • Indoor / Outdoor Restaurant
  • Snack Bar
  • Open Air Bar
  • Internet Café
  • Gifts & Sundries Shop
  • Resort-Style Pools (Adults & Kids)
  • Shuttle Service to Beach Access

3D Renderings and Animations

  • Clubhouse Animations & Renderings
  • Tower Aerial Exteriors (Day & Sunset)
  • Iconic Rooftop Sunset
  • Resort Pools (Day & Night)
  • Bistro
  • Formal Dining and Bar
  • Tower Lobby
  • Fitness Center

To learn more about Kalea Bay, please take a look at their web site along with their main interior design team and architect.