3D Renderings of Affordable Homes for Veterans

Working with companies like Habitat for Humanity, 3DAS creates affordable housing renderings for veterans needing affordable housing.

Did you know that 25.7% of Florida’s 1 million+ veterans are cost-burdened by housing?  One of our goals at 3DAS is delivering visualizations to the affordable housing community. One of those clients, Habitat for Humanity, works closely with 3DAS to deliver their vision for communities along with expanding their reach in parts of northeastern Florida. We are pleased to show you some of their vision of an upcoming veteran-owned affordable housing community. Below you will the 3D homes, street view and community interiors. Note these rendering are conceptual and in no ways finalized. Stay tuned to this post throughout the year as new developments unfold.

3D rendering of a suburban home with a red car and children on bikes.

Why Veteran-Owned Affordable Home Communities?

9,097+ veteran-headed households across the U.S. have partnered with Habitat for safe and stable housing.

  • 25.7% of Florida’s 1 million+ veterans are cost-burdened by housing.*
  • 59% of Florida’s veteran renters under the United Way’s ALICE threshold (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) are cost-burdened.*
  • Post 9-11 veterans are 5% less likely than their non-veteran peers to be able to afford housing.*
  • Among veterans who are single mothers, nearly half are spending more than 30% of their income on housing.*

Are you a veteran? You can learn more about building your own home through Jacksonville’s Habitat for Humaity. Visit their web site and apply.

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