Do you need a Fitness 3D Rendering?

Kalea Bay 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

The Benefits: Fitness 3D renderings are now more than photo-realistic. You can control the camera angle, styles of furniture and color, and create whatever mood you want (daytime, nighttime, etc.). The best part is you can use 3D renderings before the fitness room is ever made and never need to use photography afterwards. This saves you time and money with governmental approval, subcontractors, real estate professionals and your clients.

Who benefits the most: commercial properties (i.e. gyms) and clubhouses.

The Drawbacks: Almost all of the drawbacks is cost. While photo-realistic renderings do offset the cost of an incorrect paint or structural issue, many startups just cannot afford to pay more than a few hundred dollars for a rendering. Since a 3D artist daily rate exceeds that cost, the budget just isn’t there. Also if the gym is in a strip mall or has a small footprint, most of the decisions can be made without a rendering.

Who benefits the least: startups with small spaces and clients looking for the cheapest option.

Beyond 3D Renderings: Animation

Interior animations are one of the many 3D solutions we offer that go beyond the rendering. Besides full-length features, we can offer vignette / small animations that fit more budgets and work well with many social campaign strategies.