What is a 3D Elevation Design?

A 3D elevation is a three-dimensional representation of a two-dimensional elevation found in an architectural drawing. Real estate professionals improve the 3D designs and showcase the photorealistic renderings to their potential buyers. While the most common type of 3D elevation is the front, rear elevations are used to showcase the exterior pool. East and west elevations are not as typical, but are usually done on bigger custom homes.

3D Elevation Process: Starting with CAD elevations, we convert to a clay rendering (no materials), add color + lighting and create the final 3D architectural exterior rendering
3D elevation versus a typical 2-sided 3D rendering.

What else is needed?

Along with the CAD / PDF elevations and floor plans, other visualization elements usually needed are the landscape plans, site plan, and building colors. While these elements are not needed during the proposal stage, the sooner your have them, the sooner you will receive your finished renderings.

The two residential images below show a 3D roof overlaying an existing photo. For more information, explore the interactive roof visualizer and what the client chose.