What is a Clubroom?

A clubroom is a place, such as a lounge or library, where people can go to socialize or to be alone. These amenity spaces, usually located in a clubhouse, include features such as a game room, library, and/or a fireplace. The word “clubroom” is also occasionally used to refer to a non-specific room in general, such as an office or a formal sitting room.

3D Rendering or Photo - Which is the Better Huntley Park Avenue Clubroom Interior Image?
Club Room 3D Rendering (Left) and Photo (Right)

Vignette Animations

Interior animations are one of the many 3D solutions we offer that go beyond the rendering. Besides full-length animations, we can offer clubroom vignette / small animations. These fit well with smaller animation budgets and fit many social campaign strategies. Just make sure to have the right video sizes for your online campaigns.