3D Renderings + AI Images = Design Success?

3D renderings have transformed the field of architecture and interior design for decades. Now it’s time for AI to shine. Are these technologies mutually exclusive, better alone or together? Let’s compare and contrast 3D renderings + generative AI images, explore how they can be used together, and discuss their implications for the future of design.

Comparison Graphic - AI or 3D Render: Which is Better?
3-Plex Elevation: AI (left), 2D (middle), and 3D (right)
Typical 3D Rendering Process: Converting 2D elevation to 3D rendering
(1) 2D Elevation to (2) AI Image. (3) Photo turned to AI and (4) Combined with 3D Rendering.
(1) Screenshot from Revit, (2) AI Line Detection, (3) AI-Generated Rendering
(1) Extending / Outpainting with AI (2) Elements Added with AI
(1) Roof Issue (2) Sketchup Screenshot (3) AI-Generated Rendering (4) AI Render Issues

3D Renderings + AI Images = Design Success?

At 3DAS, we believe that 3D renderings and AI generated images can work together to create amazing visualizations throughout the entire design process. We’ve used both technologies to convert 2D to 3D elevations, make furniture changes, adjust landscapes, and add people to make the scenes more lively. By doing so, we’ve achieved more clarity and flexibility in our designs and reduced the need for lengthy rendering times on our powerful computers.

Which Path Will You Take?

  • Are you looking for a conceptual images for internal use, early stage investments, or simply don’t have the CAD plans? Consider AI generative imagery.
  • Are you looking for a polished / photorealistic images for marketing? Are you needing precise decisions to be made before building a real structure and have CAD drawings? Consider 3D renderings.
  • Unsure on how to use AI tools? Looking to combine 3D renderings and AI generative imagery? Schedule our 2-hour consultation below. We’ll generate the AI images for you, enhance them in Photoshop and teach you how to use these tools.